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Sectors We Provide

Özel Group is one of the leading group of companies in Turkey and has merged different multi-faceted businesses in its body.

- Building Profiles
- Solar Energy System Projects
- Steel Structure and Hangars
- Building construction products
- PVC Window and Door Systems Industry
- Industry of Mobile Home and Unit
- Container Industry
- Isolation and insulation
- Dressing, Facade, and Marble Industry
- Mezzanine and Platform Systems
- Shelf Systems
- Logistics and Storage Industry
- Long-Truck , Truck Chassis and Trailer Profile
- Automotive Industry
- Bus Industry
- Electricity Industry and Cable Channel Profiles
- Greenhouse Industry
- Livestock Industry
- Prefabricated Structure Profiles
- Shipping Sector
- Agricultural Sector
- Furniture Sector (Office, Home)
- Door Industry
- Security Sector
- Air conditioning and ventilation
- Machinery and Machinery Equipment Industry
- Mining and Tunnel Industry
- Conveyor Industry
- Crane Cable Carrier Car Channel
- Elevator Industry
- Textile Industry
- Armored Vehicle Industry
- Aerospace Industry
- Bathtub and Bathroom Accessories
- Sports Tribune Industry
- Bridge and Bridge Railings

Roll Form Products

Fast and standardized production has made roll-forming a crucial element of cold-forming in present-day industry.

Press Brake Cutting Bending

Press brake methods is machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most routinely sheet metal. It forms established in advance bends by clenching the work piece between a matching punch and die.

Press Cutting Bending Drilling

Although the drive element (hydraulic, mechanical, eccentric) is variable, it is ensured that the desired product is placed between the lower and upper molds in the press operations where it takes shape, puncture, and cutting.