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CFS Profile started its production life in 1996 in the city of Gebze located in Kocaeli province. CFS Profile, which employed the most important engineers and masters of open profile and roll-form technologies in the early days of its business life, has continued its production activities without leaving the ideal of quality product and customer service.

From its establishment until 2020, CFS Profile had operated under Özel Machinery within Özel Group. Starting from 2020, the company started its activities as a separate entity and also went to a detached name and identity change.

CFS Profile works on cold- and hot-rolled steel materials that are either galvanized or not galvanized, and concentrates on all forms of cold rolling on these raw materials. As CFS Profile, in our production site; we serve our customers with Press Brake cutting bending units, roll-form forming units, eccentric presses, and LFS light-steel building production machine.


- Building Profiles
- Solar Energy System Projects
- Steel Structure and Hangars
- Building construction products
- PVC Window and Door Systems Industry
- Industry of Mobile Home and Unit
- Container Industry
- Isolation and insulation
- Dressing, Facade, and Marble Industry
- Mezzanine and Platform Systems
- Shelf Systems
- Logistics and Storage Industry
- Long-Truck , Truck Chassis and Trailer Profile
- Automotive Industry
- Bus Industry
- Electricity Industry and Cable Channel Profiles
- Greenhouse Industry
- Livestock Industry
- Prefabricated Structure Profiles
- Shipping Sector
- Agricultural Sector
- Furniture Sector (Office, Home)
- Door Industry
- Security Sector
- Air conditioning and ventilation
- Machinery and Machinery Equipment Industry
- Mining and Tunnel Industry
- Conveyor Industry
- Crane Cable Carrier Car Channel
- Elevator Industry
- Textile Industry
- Armored Vehicle Industry
- Aerospace Industry
- Bathtub and Bathroom Accessories
- Sports Tribune Industry
- Bridge and Bridge Railings


As CFS Profile, because we roll-form by using machines designed in accordance with adaptive production technology and obtain the necessary molds for new types of profiles from our sister company, Özel Machinery, we have the opportunity to process all kinds of profiles that save tonnage and costs. In addition, all roll-form machines within CFS Profile are manufactured by Özel Machinery within Özel Group.

CFS Profile is not only a steel-shaping company, but also produces and sells prefabricated and light-gauge steel structures with its partner company CFS Structure. CFS Structure, which can produce all kinds of pre-manufactured structures, can also undertake the commitment of the products it produces. CFS Structure has been operating since 2020 with its current title, however it has provided contracting services in many countries of the world under other names and has been successful in its field before joining Özel Group.


We would like to contribute to cold forming sector, as well as develop and shape it; such that as CFS Profile, we closely monitor the changing business and production models in both our sector and other sectors. We want to replace any product produced in any sector in any form with its cold-formed counterpart and thus provide to nature and economy with cheaper, durable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

In order to make “quality” an unchanging pillar in our production and management, our company has obtained national and international certificate standards and we continually add new ones to them. We develop ourselves to produce with precise tolerances in order to meet the expectations of the customer institutions and organizations we serve. Due to the nature of our business, we supply many different business lines, hence we carefully select the quality raw material required by each job.

CFS Profile is inherently an environmental-friendly company because it shapes steel and brings it into the industry, one of the most recyclable materials in the industry. With the light-gauge steel structures it produces by CFS Structure, it creates the most useful alternative to the environment in the construction industry. As CFS, we know the environmental policies in full detail and produce in a way that does not harm future world which we will leave as a heritage.